Dora has been at Maitri for several months and is struggling with her health and mobility. Last week, just before Dora’s birthday, she let staff know she might not be up for a celebration.

We took a chance that she would. Alex, one of Maitri’s cooks, came in on his day off to celebrate and make Dora’s favorite: carrot cakes decorated in Spring colors. A fitting season for Dora to have been born in, her personality is bright.

Maitri staff and residents gathered in the dining room to sing Happy Birthday. When a staff member rolled Dora into her party, you could see from her face that she did not feel well, but the sight of all of us and a beautiful cake with a sparkling candle at the center made her smile, big.

We sang a horrible, out-of-key version of Happy Birthday and then yelled: “Blow it out!” With a big smile, she blew, but the flame just kept coming back over and over and over and Dora started laughing from her tummy to her nose. One of those amazing Maitri staff members had placed a trick candle she could not blow out on her Birthday cake. It made Dora’s day!

For a moment, all that Dora could think about was her birthday, a funny candle and people who love her. Just what the doctor ordered. Happy Birthday, Dora!

Photo (and cake) by Alex

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