Maitri's Never Alone Mural by Serge Gay, Jr.

Maitri’s forthcoming “Never Alone Mural” by renowned San Francisco artist Serge Gay Jr. is meant to tell the story of our shared community story.

It starts by celebrating Maitri’s building’s legacy as The New Mint Garage. The mural continues to tell the impact of HIV/AIDS had upon our community displaying the courage, loss, and resistance of Duboce Triangle.

From Serge himself, “I want to portray this beautiful surrealist mural that showcases a community who cares for each other and looks after each other. The embodiment that is Maitri and Duboce. Showing love, caring for, and friendship to the ones in need of care, till their last days. That you’re not alone. I want to make a mural that celebrates being alive and hopefulness. ‘May all be free from suffering and the causes of suffering.'”

We are so grateful of our partnership with the Castro Community Benefit District and The Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association, and of course Serge Gay Jr. for our beautiful mural! Maitri’s “Never Alone” Mural was created with support from the San Francisco Arts Commission.