Samuel had lived a hard life especially for someone who was only in his 30s. He’d been kicked out of his home when he came out to them and had never really recovered.

While living on the streets, Samuel unknowingly contracted HIV. Untreated, he found himself debilitated and ultimately came to Maitri for care in late 2019.

At Maitri, Samuel focused on his health and rebuilding his life while sheltering during the 2020 lockdowns and pandemic.

With the support of our nurses, Samuel regained his health and became undetectable–down from a viral load in the millions when he was first admitted.

He learned how to address the trauma he’d experienced in his life. Slowly finding new coping strategies that helped him deal with stress and manage his anger, Samuel rediscovered the potential inside of himself.

And his Maitri friends encouraged him every step of the way.

Soon, Samuel was envisioning life after Maitri. He wanted to live on his own and have a job!
Together with his social worker, Samuel worked to make his plan a reality: first they secured benefits so he could have an income and secure housing. Then came finding an apartment in his budget. With their hard work, it all worked out.

Today, Samuel is celebrating having a full-time job, his own apartment, and a happy future ahead of himself.

Samuel even comes by for regular visits with his Maitri family–when he has the time off–as a part of our BRANCH Program.

Because of your support, Samuel was able to get the wraparound support and care he needed to recover his health and forge a future for himself he couldn’t have imagined before.

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