Raquelle doesn’t let the news get her down. As a transgender woman of color, she’s gotten hate for living her life for years. In spite of the recent wave of anti-trans legislation sweeping the nation, Raquelle was determined to make 2023 her year.

After waiting more than two years to get approved for her bottom surgery, she was finally scheduled in January. A couple of weeks of recovery and Raquelle would be living in the body she’d always dreamed of.

A few weeks out from her surgery, Raquelle hit a speed bump. She wasn’t allowed to recover at home.

Since she lived in transitional housing, she wouldn’t be allowed to discharge there and would have to reschedule her surgery when she had permanent housing to recover in.
That’s when her care coordinator told her about the Maitri Affirmation Center.

At Maitri, we reserve one of our 15-beds specifically for people like Raquelle so they can safely recover after gender-affirming surgeries.

Maitri jumped into action and we coordinated with Raquelle’s surgery team to let them know that she had a safe place to recover and her surgery was back on.

While at Maitri, Raquelle was able to recover safely from her surgery. And when a slight complication occurred, our nurses worked with her surgeons to address the issue and make sure she healed.

Beyond our nursing care, Raquelle even engaged in on-site therapy to help her manage her anxiety around her surgery and recovery. And she worked closely with our Maitri social work team.

With her social worker, Raquelle discovered she was eligible for a rent subsidy, which would help her secure permanent housing! Within a week she was approved and searching for her own apartment.

Now Raquelle has signed her new lease and will be living on her own in a few weeks. And she’ll be doing so in the body that aligns with her gender identity.

With your help and the help of our grant partner, The Saint Francis Foundation, we’re redefining gender-affirming care and helping people like Raquelle live their most authentic lives.

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