During this crisis, Maitri has responded to this call for help by adapting our services to ensure the health, safety, and care of our residents and those most in need. We know that the work we do in providing compassionate care to the most vulnerable in our community is a needed lifeline—especially in this time of uncertainty, change, and challenge.

Laverne is one of those people. A 55-year-old woman struggling on the fringes of our community while living with AIDS, Laverne called a garage in Daly City without a kitchen, shower, or even a bathroom her home. After major surgery, she came to Maitri to receive the vital medical care and support she needed to recover and attempt to regain her independence.

With the full support from her Maitri Care Team, Laverne not only recovered her health, she learned to better manage her medical and mental health challenges, secured permanent housing, and found the stability she needed to thrive. For the first time in her life, she is living independently! She has a place to call home—and it includes a bathroom and a kitchen! As she said when she learned her housing had been approved, “This is where my journey has brought me. Now the best chapter begins because of Maitri.”

Laverne is starting this new, best chapter of her life alongside four other Maitri residents—all of whom will soon be transitioning to a permanent home with the support of Maitri. And, to ensure they continue to receive the ongoing support and care they need to stay housed, especially in our uncertain reality during this pandemic, Maitri has developed a new best practice program: BRANCH Aftercare.

BRANCH offers former Maitri residents the support they need to transition into the community successfully while providing them access to ongoing therapy, case management, and of course, invitations to return to their family at Maitri for support and our famous bingo games.

BRANCH Aftercare, provides a critical bridge for residents like Laverne who will receive the care and support they need to transition to independence and maintain autonomy. And if they need a little more help, they know that Maitri is able to quickly support them and provide the services they need to remain stable, safe, and housed.

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