Meaningful conversations and laughter have been Jerome’s medicine in the face of many personal struggles associated with living with AIDS.

Recently, something unexpected happened: after being diagnosed as legally blind, Jerome became deaf.

“Not being able to fully see was very hard, of course, but not being able to hear prevented me from talking with people, hearing their words and just having a normal conversation. All I wanted was to connect with people. It’s what I need to be happier and healthier on my own”

Compounding health issues, such as Jerome’s are very common amongst Maitri residents. In fact, most suffer from dual disabilities that take away from strides made toward independence, healthy aging and interpersonal connection.

Just imagine how defeated, hopeless and discouraged people like Jerome must feel when something they love and need is taken away by a physical disability. Sadly, this cycle continues in not just Jerome’s life, but all of our resident’s lives.

Thankfully, Maitri was able to help Jerome when he needed it most, and this quick turnaround was a result of unwavering advocacy from his Maitri Care Team. Through the tenacious support of his Social Work Case Manager, Jerome was able to receive a new hearing aid within two days– rather than the expected two weeks!

Now, Jerome continues enjoying his afternoons while exchanging and hearing warm words of fellow residents.

“Even though I still can’t see, I can hear, and will be able to talk to people and support myself more once I leave Maitri. I was given a second chance”

Thanks to you, Maitri can fulfill its mission by helping our community’s most vulnerable people. With your support, people like Jerome regain their strength, confidence, and dignity. You make Maitri care possible. THANK YOU.

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