After working a steady job and living in San Francisco with two cats, Alejandro became critically ill. For months, he endured fevers, loss of appetite and weight loss.

“One day, my body just gave up and I couldn’t support myself nor take care of my cats”.

After missing work for weeks, Alejandro was fired from work. His loss of income and rapidly degrading health strained his ability to find a new job, maintain housing, and take care of himself. After learning he had HIV, Alejandro’s mental health took a turn for the worse as well.

“I was extremely depressed, alone, scared, and ashamed. I was living on the streets without my cats who I missed dearly. I had no other option”.

Like many others, Alejandro was unable to secure housing without income. And, his health continued deteriorating without access to consistent and affordable health care. Thankfully, after months of unstable housing and poor health, Alejandro came to Maitri.

“Maitri is a truly special place that offers help far beyond just health care”.

Even during COVID-19 Shelter in Place, Alejandro received tailored care safely that helped him meet health goals and progress toward independence. He regained purpose and confidence through Maitri’s tightknit circle of hands-on support and friendship.

“Even on my darkest days, the emotional support made me see that there was a better life for me in the future. Maitri made sure of that.”

Like many others, Alejandro’s Social Worker partnered with him in every step of his healthcare journey. From accompanying Alejandro to doctor’s visits, to securing permanent housing and enrolling him in Calfresh and Paratransit – Alejandro was never alone as he regained his strength and navigated benefits.

“My Social Worker even went bed shopping with me and will arrange for moving services!”

But the best surprise was yet to come.

“After learning that my Social Worker arranged for cat adoption, I cried. He did this for me, and made sure I had everything when time came to move, including a cat”.

Thanks to YOU, Alejandro received trusted care along every step of his journey at Maitri. Because of your kindness, Alejandro, and other people in need, can regain health through human connection and access to benefits with above and beyond care! Because of you, Alejandro looks forward to the future and being a cat dad again. Your support ensures people living with HIV/AIDS receive the care they need to stabilize their lives, secure housing, and reintegrate into the community. Thank you.



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