Dante, a self-proclaimed ‘urban nomad’, came to Maitri after being homeless and living with HIV for a long time. To make matters even worse, Dante was robbed–- a common occurrence when you’re homeless– and sadly, Dante’s ID was one of the personal items taken.

Now, Dante faced a literal disconnect from his identity and was unable to qualify for any shelter without this important document.

“I didn’t know what to do or where to go, since no shelter would take me in. I remember thinking that this was the end for me .. all my hope was lost” – Dante

One of Maitri’s community partners connected Dante and he soon moved in — and we are so glad that he found our care. Within a few days, Maitri became Dante’s new home, and after a few weeks, Dante knew exactly what he needed help getting: a new form of Identification.

So, what happened next?

Well, thanks to his wonderful Maitri Social Work Case Manager, Dante not only received a new ID and birth certificate – but additional approval for financial benefits! With this stable source of income, Dante will be moving into a permanent home shortly! This will be the first time that he will have a safe space all to himself. Imagine, the feeling.

Your support enables Maitri to provide care to people no matter their circumstance. Together, we’re helping people like Dante receive the individualized support they need to regain confidence while transitioning to independence. Because of your kind donations, Dante was gifted with hope, a renewed sense of self, and a new place to call home!


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