A Place for Affirmation

Transgender people face enormous stress when they lack access to transition-related health care, with up to 40% attempting suicide. After decades of stress and waiting, dealing with the loss of her husband, and confronting the challenges of living with HIV, Virginia had finally scheduled her gender affirmation surgery and would soon live as her authentic self. But, like so many in the community, she lacked a support network to help her afterward. As a 66-year old woman living in a single room apartment with a shared bathroom in the Tenderloin, she was used to being self-sufficient, but she needed help.

At Maitri, Virginia found the community, love, and medical care she needed to support her transition. Now safely back at home, Virginia regularly returns to reconnect with her friends and the community that supported and affirmed her—and of course, for regular bingo games.

With your help, Maitri is a place for people to receive support as they affirm who they are and receive the love and care they need to live authentically.

A Place for Hope

San Francisco has more than 25,000 seniors living on less than $1,000 a month, and seniors here are more likely to fall into homelessness here than in surrounding counties. After a severe fall, Sharon nearly became one of these seniors.

For days she was unable to pull herself up and get help. For days she suffered alone in a small room in the Tenderloin. And after a lengthy hospital stay, she needed the care to be able to live independently again.

Maitri gave her that care. With 24-hour nursing support, case management, and the love of our community of volunteers, Sharon grew stronger and began to stabilize her health. Now, she’s living independently and healthier than she thought she ever could be again.

Maitri is unique in San Francisco because of the care and dedication not just because of our staff, but because of our community of volunteers who work to give people hope for tomorrow.

A Place for Peace

Maitri began more than 30 years ago by opening our door to a homeless man dying of AIDS. Today, we still serve those facing poverty, homelessness, stigma, and isolation as they approach their last days. Of the 83 deaths from HIV/AIDS in San Francisco in 2018, 24% were at Maitri; they were surrounded with love from our community. This year, Jessie was one of those people.

Like so many veterans, Jessie had trouble adjusting to civilian life. He spent years fighting Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, isolation, and AIDS, while struggling to maintain his housing.

He came to Maitri deteriorating and facing his last weeks. But in that time, he was surrounded by love. Maitri staff and volunteers cared for Jessie and worked to ensure he and his sister were welcomed and supported. At the moment of Jessie’s death, he was at peace and felt loved.

Maitri will always be a place where those facing the challenges of their last days have a community of love and support.

In this season of affirmation, hope, and peace, we want to thank you for the everyday miracles you make possible. With your support, Maitri is able to ensure no one has to transition, suffer, or die alone. Your donation today supports people in need of medical care, community, and love. Thank you so much for your compassion and for making a donation to Maitri this season.

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