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“Maitri , saved my life.”

Before Resident Michael arrived at Maitri in October 2015 in very bad physical condition. His health was deteriorating  and he had lost over 60 lbs. He had severe medical emergencies that were stabilized by the nursing team upon his arrival. Michael was counseled by our nutritionist and food services director and his weight went from 135 lbs. to 194 lbs. Michael was stabilized over the past six months and on May 15, 2016, he was released from Maitri into permanent housing at Richard M Cohen residence with the help of our Social Case Management team.

Michael said “Maitri saved my life and the food was just awesome. I would be dead if Maitri had not helped me to gain my weight back and get my medical situation stabilized.” The food and nutrition program at Maitri provides 3 meals a day to our residents catered to their individual needs.

Join us in giving others like Michael, who bravely face a life and death struggle with late-stage AIDS, a second chance at a full and independent life. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today to support Maitri’s good work for both our hospice and medical respite residents.


Michael Smithwick

Executive Director

P.S. Maitri Compassionate Care is a non profit 501(c)3 organization.