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Maitri honored former Supervisor Jeff Sheehy

“Maitri honored former Supervisor Jeff Sheehy on Thursday, July 26, at a lovely reception with HAPN (HIV/AIDS Provider Network) members celebrating his accomplishments, including substantial new funds for the HIV+ community.  Thank you, Jeff Sheehy.  As usual, the kitchen staff at Maitri under Ann Kong performed another culinary feat. “

Demolition begins at downstairs Maitri for new businesses

CorePower Yoga is opening a new location in our building… soon to be joined by a new veterinarian in the adjacent storefront, also part of Maitri. Openings are planned for the Fall.  This is very exciting and positive.  We will keep you informed… This is how the road past Maitri looked in 1947, coming down…

The Maitri Walkers celebrated the end of their six mile AIDS Walk trek

“Maitri Walkers David Valentine, Rob Kahn, Amie Fishman and Taja Willard celebrated the end of their six mile AIDS Walk trek in honor of those with AIDS and with hope for the future.  We thank them for their dedication and support.  They raised a lot of money and volunteered their considerable talents to make our…

“Maitri is like sitting on a lotus flower, which to me, is very warm, beautiful and compassionate.”

SorritaSmBefore arriving at Maitri, Sorrita had been living in San Francisco for almost 28 years, and was homeless for many of those years. She was a heroin addict, finding shelter and lodging where she could until her health began to deteriorate. “My heroin addiction kept me on the streets, and I had no place to call home,” says Sorrita.

When Sorrita was diagnosed with advanced AIDS, the Nurse Practitioner from the Methadone Clinic, told her about Maitri. “She said Maitri is a hospice, but that it also provides medical stabilization for people like me She said it was a place I could get the care I needed to get back on my feet and keep living. Maitri has been very supportive, and I am so happy to say I am now stronger and looking forward to being independent again.” At Maitri, we are giving Sorrita— – who spent so many years on the streets— – the compassionate care she so desperately needs.

“Maitri is like sitting on a lotus flower, which to me is very warm, beautiful, and compassionate,” says Sorrita. “The services at Maitri are first class, and I am truly grateful for all the love and compassion I have received since I have been here. I feel whole once again and excited to resume my life with a positive spirit and renewed health.”

Join us in giving others like Sorrita, who bravely face a life and death struggle with late-stage AIDS, a   second chance at a full and independent life. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today to support Maitri’s good work for both our hospice and medical respite residents.

Maitri has faced increased demand for our services this year, making your gift all the more critical—and impactful. Thank you so much for your generosity and for remembering Maitri’s residents during the holidays.


Michael Smithwick

Executive Director

P.S. Maitri Compassionate Care is a 501(c)3 organization. Please consider making your donation before December 31 for 2015 tax deductibility purposes.