What does Maitri’s program include?

The heart of our work is our Residential Care Program, which provides medical and mental health care to people in need of hospice, 24-hour respite care, or recovery support after gender affirmation surgery. Our interdisciplinary residential program includes ten main components:

1) Medical Care
Access to a multidisciplinary care team, including nurses, physicians, psychiatrists, social workers, and attendants.
6) Volunteer Programs
Emotional and practical support from a community of volunteers who help residents meet their goals.
2) Accommodations
A single occupancy room in a facility designed to be healing and nurturing.
7) Spiritual Support
Services provided by certified pastoral support staff and volunteers.
3) Food & Nutrition
Home-cooked meals prepared by professionally trained staff and individual dietary plans to meet each person’s specific needs.
8) Resident Education
Life skills, budgeting, and cooking classes for residents to help them age in place successfully as they transition to independence.
4) Social Work Case Management
Social workers support residents by connecting them to the community resources they need to achieve their highest level of independence.
9) Resident Activities
On-site activities include art therapy, meditation, drag shows, and bingo games.
5) Mental Health and Therapy
On-site mental health services to meet residents “where they are” with individual and group therapy options.
10) BRANCH Aftercare Program
Provides support for former residents as they transition to independence in the community. Includes ongoing therapy, case management, and invitations to events at Maitri.

Today, more than 80% of our patients come to us for short-term medical respite and restorative care.

Who can become a resident?

Prospective residents must meet all of the following criteria:

Have an AIDS diagnosis or disabling HIV Have an annual income of less than $70,600
Require 24-hour nursing or hospice care Be a San Francisco resident
Accept our admissions agreement Be 18 years of age or older

Please Note: We also offer one room for gender-affirmation clients at a private pay rate.
Contact our intake coordinator for more information.

How do I apply?

Please fill out the following intake application:

Intake Application (PDF)

Our Interdisciplinary Care Model

Is there support for former residents?

BRANCH Aftercare is a new best practice program from Maitri that provides a critical bridge for residents to ensure they receive the care and support they need to transition to independence and maintain autonomy.

BRANCH works with residents to identify ways in which Maitri can extend its care as they reintegrate into their communities.

This program is available to former residents for a period of six months. Graduating residents are offered a range of aftercare options prior to leaving Maitri, including:

  • Regular phone check-ins with a volunteer,
  • In-person meetings with a volunteer, either at the resident’s home or another agreed-upon location (such as a cafe or a park),
  • Regular meetings with a Maitri therapist,
  • An occasional lunch or dinner at Maitri, and
  • Participation in various activities and events at Maitri such as bingo, movies, concerts, and parties.

For more information about becoming a resident, please call intake at (415) 558-3006.